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I'm delighted to be able to offer classes for adults as well as children so if you're looking for a class that will challenge you physically as well as mentally, but always with a strong element of fun, you've come to the right place!

I know it can be intimidating coming to a yoga class for the first time, but I try to create a welcoming environment for everyone - any age or ability - somewhere you feel safe to give it a go without judgement and with a light-hearted approach.


We won't gain any benefit from yoga without pushing ourselves, finding our edge and giving it a nudge, but for me it has to be fun - even if it doesn't always feel like that during the class, you'll love the after-glow... 

I hear lots of people say they can't do yoga because they can't touch their toes, as if the teacher checks every student before they're allowed into the class! Yoga is a transformative practice so whatever your starting point is you will see improvements, but the aim isn't to make a pose look a particular way; it's about how it feels, and the affect that feeling has on your body and mind.  I know yogis who have been practising for years and still can't touch their toes with straight legs, and reaching the acceptance that it might never be possible to do that can be as transformative as the physical ability to do so.

Yoga has a cumulative effect on your body and mind, so don't expect instant results or to feel completely transformed after your first class.  I would encourage you to attend regular classes for a number of weeks - the more the better - then see how you feel compared to before you started.  It's sometimes subtle, sometimes profound, but hopefully you'll notice a positive change.

I teach two styles of yoga; Vinyasa Flow and Yin.  They are very different but complement each other brilliantly.

Classes are on Friday mornings at The Barn @ The Red Lion, Overton.  You can drop in or book a block of classes in advance here.

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Cobra pose
Sun salutation
Seated relaxation
Cat cow
Warrior II
Downward facing dog
Seated meditation
Reverse Warrior
Standing blocks
Standing forward fold

Vinyasa & Yin


9:15 - 10:30am

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom


A delicious combination of dynamic and energising Vinyasa, which builds strength and stability in the body, and Yin, which is a slow-paced and nourishing practice where the focus shifts to the deep connective tissue, joints and ligaments.  

​The concept of yin yang has its roots in ancient Chinese philosophy, the belief that everything is made up of two seemingly opposite forces - light and dark, warm and cool, active and passive - and that those energies complement and exist in balance with each other; two sides of the same coin.  Most forms of exercise are yang in nature; active, heat-building, light, masculine, extroverted, but this should be balanced with a more yin approach; passive, cool, dark, feminine, introverted. In this class you get the best of both!

The Vinyasa section will work your entire body.  With its roots in Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa links traditional poses together in a flowing movement, using the breath to transition from one to the next. The class can be as challenging as you feel you need and I will offer different levels of intensity or difficulty to a particular sequence or pose.  The choice is yours.

The Yin practice is a wonderful escape from constant stimulation and distraction.  We seek to find our 'edge' in poses and not to push through that natural barrier but hang out there for a while and gently lean on it, find stillness, longer than is comfortable, create space, and notice what comes up.  We surrender to gravity, finding deep stretches and openings in our fascia, the connective web of glue that holds our bodies, allowing energy to flow into areas that might be tight or stagnant.


Classes always start with a focus on the breath, helping us to land physically as well as mentally on the mat.  We warm up our bodies in preparation for the flow, then move through a sequence of Sun Salutations, before building up towards a peak pose, flowing and transitioning between poses dynamically, never losing our connection with the breath. We then transition to the slower, floor-based Yin poses, holding them for 1-5 minutes before easing our way out and enjoying the rebound.  At the end of the class we allow the energy of the practice to infuse and settle into our bodies in Savasana, resting pose. I offer blankets and eye pillows for a completely blissful experience.

It helps if you have some yoga experience before attending a class, but beginners are always welcome - just go with the flow!

Top tips - 

* Bring a mat (I have spares if not) - all other props are provided

* Avoid eating anything for 1-2 hours before the class

* Wear clothes you can move freely in and bring extra layers for the Yin section

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