Classes are between 45-60 minutes long and are full of fun and colourful adventures. 

We practice sun salutations and breathing exercises before building up our energy through familiar yoga poses.  The most important part of every class is the relaxation at the end, and even a class of 2-year olds manages a few moments of still and quiet!

What are the benefits?

It's never too early (or late!) to start doing yoga and the benefits that it offers to adults apply to children too.  You don't have to have any fancy equipment or set aside loads of time; yoga can be as simple as sitting still for a moment and focusing on your breath or... and this is why I love teaching children... yoga can be a tool for using our imaginations and our amazing bodies to go on wild adventures.

Yoga builds strength, energy and confidence, awareness, concentration and balance.  It teaches us self-respect and an appreciation of our family, community and environment.  We learn important skills and strategies to help us navigate the anxieties and worries of everyday life, which are creeping into childhood, through mindfulness and relaxation.

1-4 years

The toddler years can be a testing time for both child and parent as a fierce emerging independence comes up against parental barriers, rules and structure.  Language skills are limited making it hard for our toddlers to express themselves effectively without resorting to a good old-fashioned tantrum.


Using stories and song, toddlers are introduced gently to yoga, with the focus on fun, exploration and play. Basic postures are given familiar animal names and parents tend to get as much from the session as their toddlers. 


Benefits include improved balance and body awareness, self-esteem and self-expression, relaxation and quality bonding time with a parent or caregiver.  

5-12 years

Childhood should be a carefree time but our children live in a fast-paced world of lessons, technology, busy families, competitive sport and peer pressure.  All these influences have a profound impact on them, and whilst it's not all doom and gloom, yoga can be the perfect antidote to a child's busy life.


We still use stories to link postures together and fire the imagination, but more attention is placed on breathing techniques; more advanced postures are practiced and we start to focus on alignment.  Partner work is introduced in the older children, and we begin to discuss some of the theory and philosophy of yoga such as the Eight Limbs of Yoga, meditation and the Chakra system.


Benefits include strength, flexibility and coordination, better concentration and focus, balanced energy, improved confidence, mindfulness and respect for others.  These are vital tools that children then naturally adopt outside the yoga classroom.


About me

Namaste!  My name is Natalia and I admit that I completely love yoga.  My first yoga memory was finding my mum standing in tree pose when I was perhaps 10 years old.  I was fascinated by the shape she had made and wanted to learn more from that moment on.


Since having children of my own I have loved watching them copy me as I practice at home.  Although it's still a relatively new activity for children to take part in, yoga lends itself perfectly to young bodies and minds.  More than just a physical activity, yoga gives children important tools such as breathing techniques and the ability to relax, and a sense of respect for oneself and for others.  Above all, it's a lot of fun!


I trained to teach in 2010, gaining a Yoga Alliance RYT200 qualification through Appleyoga.  After that I expanded my yogic horizons and qualified as a toddler and children's yoga teacher with YogaKidz Worldwide in 2014 and went on to teach classes of all ages from toddler groups through to tweens and teens in Copenhagen.  We moved back to the UK last year and I am now offering toddler and children's classes in Hampshire.


For me, yoga is about exploring the body, developing a sense of respect for ourselves and those around us, and using our imaginations to go on exciting yoga adventures.  I want children to leave my classes having learnt something about themselves and the wider world they live in.  We cover topics such as the environment, our senses, the animal kingdom, friendship, the changing seasons and many, many more. That's the beauty of yoga for children; the theme can be anything, we just use yoga as a tool to express ourselves and learn.

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Why not try something a little different for your child's birthday party? Yoga parties are suitable for children of any age and can be held at your home, in your garden, at a park or local hall.

The party can be themed around anything your child is interested in (go on, try me!)

Prices vary depending on duration and size of group. As a general guide, a 45-60 session for 12-15 children would cost £80.

Do get in touch to find out more.


The skills we learn in yoga help children in so many ways, but particularly at school because it improves memory and concentration, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increases self-confidence and promotes mindfulness.

It is widely becoming accepted that introducing mindfulness and yoga in schools is an excellent way of reducing behavioural problems and improving grades.

Please get in touch if you're interested in finding out more.

Ninny's House at Home, Nr Andover

Farleigh School, Andover

Overton Primary School

Copenhagen International School

Rygaards International School


I love teaching bespoke sessions at events and festivals, and am always on the look-out for a new place to teach.

Yoga lends itself really well to outdoor events, country fetes and fairs and the sessions are usually free to join as a taster.

Please get in touch if you are interested in offering yoga at an event soon. 

International Kids Yoga Day 2016

Copenhagen Yoga Festival 2016

International Kids Yoga Day

2017 & 2019

Hampshire Country & Garden Festival

2018 & 2019


Thank you! I'll get back to you soon


What people say about

The Little yoga company

Loved the class this morning - great balance of movement/mat work/activities kept even the craziest four year old’s attention. Would love to come back again.

— Facebook review

"We organized a birthday party at our home with The Little Yoga Company for 13 girls around age 6. Natalia was brilliant with birthday themed yoga exercises and incorporating the theme of the party (spring flowers). After the yoga session all the girls received a glitter temporary tattoo and a flower to take home. It was truly a unique and memorable party!"

— Lucy's mum, 6th birthday party

My daughter (8) loves doing yoga with Natalia. She has issues with balance and coordination and this sort of yoga helps her to be calm in her body and strengthen he core muscles. It's also fun and she enjoys the way Natalia introduces a theme to each session. I think yoga is a great activity for kids and would definitely recommend trying a session with The Little Yoga company.

— Facebook review

 "I thought the party went really well and I had tons of positive feedback.  You handled the age range really well - it was at a level that all the 2-8 year olds were able to stay engaged with... no small feat!  I liked how you drew just enough attention to Hazel - giving her a special role but at the same time not making her feel uncomfortable."     

— Hazel's mum, 3rd birthday party

The classes are fun, relaxed and there is no pressure, Natalia is a great teacher, with so much patience and warmth. Classes are well planned, the way they are taught through stories ensures the children are engaged without realising they are doing Yoga, it's just moving your body in a fun way! We also really love the chill out session and having a snuggle at the end. I would recommend these classes especially if your child is shy or sensitive, it really builds their confidence over time.

— Facebook review

My 2.5 year old daughter absolutely loves going to Natalia's yoga classes. Natalia has a relaxed and fun way of interacting with the kids and doesn't even mind when sometimes the curtains are more interesting than the poses. The four classes that we have attended have been both varied and interesting, allowing the kids to learn new poses whilst repeating the standard poses. One of my daughters favorite poses is the sun salutation: standing on tip toes waving to the sun, bending down to tickle your toes, jumping back to plank, then being a snake and finally up to downward facing dog. What toddler wouldn't love that? We highly recommend Natalia's classes to other families.

— Facebook review